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Chapter History

Over 30 years of giving, sharing, camaraderie and fun’

The Gallant Knights of Blue (Official Anthem)


Oh we are the gallant Knights of blue riding down the streets and avenue.   We will give our help indeed to the handicapped in need so this song we are singing to you.

Ever since nineteen hundred and seventy-four bikers image improved more and more, we will always ride with pride as to you we now confide.  We’re the gallant Knights of blue.

For “Ride with Pride” (Official Ballad) Click here.


Past Presidents

Chuck Ward  1993 – 1995

John Barrow 1996 – 1997

Chuck Brown 1998 – 2002

Woody Sturm 2003 – 2004

Karl Hutchinson 2005 – 2007

John “Gary” Stevens 2008 – 2008

Merle Schneblin 2009 – 2010

Warren Vandersyde 2011 – 2019

Greg Peart 2020 – Present


West Coast Chairmen

Chuck Brown  2004 – 2007

Karl Hutchinson 2008 – 2018

History Carousel

The photographs below were taken between years 2000 and 2019 from rides included, in part, Arizona Winter Ride, WCC Reno 2014, Nevada County Toy Run, Oregon Trips, Pacific Grove, Spud Run and Sutter Mine.   Just a touch of our chapter’s history.  Enjoy the memories!   Click any photograph – magically appears larger.




“Riding engages the whole of a person’s physical and spiritual senses, literally and figuratively.  You feel the wind and sun on your face, breathe the smells of the earth around you, and immerse yourself in the moment.”

Author unknown.


Chapter Video History

Big Nose Kate’s Saloon, Tombstone, Cochise County, Arizona – 2017