Keeping the Shiny Side Up!

We ride because we love it and enjoy the fellowship of our friends and loved ones. The most important element of our rides is the safety of the rider, passenger, and fellow riders. It is imperative that each rider develop and maintain the skills necessary for a safe a comfortable ride. Toward that end, BKCA1 has developed a safety course. If you have not participated in a course or if it has been years since you last participated, everyone is encouraged to attend an event soon. 

Remember, if you ride solo or two up, you owe it to yourself and those around you to ride at the highest level possible. You never ride alone. Every time you are on a ride your loved ones are there with you and you owe it to them to return safely.

~Dave Sens  – CA1 Safety Officer

Blue Knights California 1

After several years of involved research and work, the Safety Committee has published the Basic Group Riding Handbook to share with the membership.

Here is an excellent example on the use of Hand Signals while operating your motorcycle in a group. sent an article to International as reference material to help the first time passengers understand a few safety tips concerning clothing, helmet and riding positions.

For more information click here. 

There is a multitude of other links to various safety pages on the web as well. Great reading for those of you who are new to the sport, and wish to participate in a safe manner.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation website is full of course information and free to download safety tips. The MSF is an internationally recognized not-for-profit foundation, supported by motorcycle manufacturers, that provides leadership to the motorcycle safety community through its expertise, tools, and partnerships. A large number of our members are MSF instructors. For more information, including videos, visit the Motoryle Safety Foundation website.

BKCA1 Safety Officer
Dave Sens
(916) 542-BLUE (2583)

Pay attention out there and ensure you have an escape route planned at all times. This graphic provides some basic distances when riding as a group.

It’s a Fine Line

This is an excellent video published by It’s a Fine Line.  Enjoy their series of videos as new and experienced riders will all benefit.

Motorcycle Braking Distance & Safety | WTSC | It’s a Fine Line