Blue Knights CA1 Christmas 2019

This year, the annual Blue Knights Christmas celebration took place at the Lake Natoma Inn in charming Historic Folsom.  Members, family and friends who attended this event admired the elegantly decorated banquet room and enjoyed the excellent hors d'oeuvres, champaign and the featured main courses served by the friendly Lake Natoma Inn staff.
Participants enjoyed the annual "White Elephant Gift Exchange" and steals were many.  Also during the event, the outgoing President's "roasting" was enjoyed by all.   A "special" pillow was given which is to be used in a future pillow fight (inside joke).  A very special glass "boot" was presented filled with gold liquid representing "getting the boot" which caused the crowd to go wild with laughter.  Good memories and comeraderie were enjoyed by all.
Some members were staying the night, and enjoyed the surrounding shops.  An added benefit - Historic Folsom has multiple shops, pubs and entertainment spots for holiday fun after dinner. If the members wanted to dust off your ice skates, the outdoor rink was open near the hotel!
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Thank you Travis and Mary Ann for organizing such a wonderful evening.  This was a great holiday celebration!

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